Deciding to buy critical illness cover or any kind of life insurance for your children can be an emotional decision. But, you need to think of a condition if your children fall critically ill, and you don’t have enough savings to deal with it, the situation can be even more difficult. Hence, as a parent, you must be prepared to deal with such situations with a critical illness cover for children.

What is the critical illness cover for children?

Critical illness cover helps you to get a lump sum amount in an event when your children become critically ill and are under a serious condition covered in the policy.

Which illnesses are covered?

Here is a list of major illnesses that most of the critical illness policy for children will cover.  

  • Heart Disease
  • HIV
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes

if you have any other critical illness that needs to be covered and you don’t find in the list, it is advisable to consult the insurance advisor.

Possible terms and conditions

Life insurance companies provide cover to the children aging from a few weeks to as long as 18 or 21 years.

You can make use of the payout to pay for the treatment of children, lost income due to staying away from work to take care of children, if there is any special equipment that is required.

You need to take into account what kind of illnesses you are looking to get covered, how long do you want to cover, and how much payout you may need. When you will consult the right insurance advisor regarding critical illness cover for children, you will surely buy the right policy!

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