Hyperthyroidism, more commonly known as overactive thyroid is a common medical condition which causes the overproduction of hormones from the butterfly-shaped gland in the neck which is known as thyroid.

Hyperthyroidism takes place when the thyroid produces a surplus amount of thyroxin hormone.

The symptoms of the condition include unexpected weight loss, rapid or irregular heartbeat, irritability, excessive sweating etc.

Treatments for the condition include radioactive iodine, medication and in rare cases surgery.

Critical Illness Cover with an overactive thyroid

While applying for critical illness cover you will have to make sure that all your thyroid conditions are well detailed and explained to the insurance providers. The terms and availability of your insurance will depend on many factors including the severity of your condition, medications you take to control the condition, treatments you have received etc.

If you have recently undergone surgery or you are due to undergo surgery in the coming days the insurance providers will mostly postpone the processing of your application until a future date when you have fully recovered from the post-surgical phase and your condition has stabilised.

In most cases for patients who have been diagnosed more than three months ago and have well-controlled conditions with or without the use of prescription medications, can secure cover at standard terms and conditions.

If your condition is severe or moderately severe the insurance providers like to consult with your GP to understand your medical condition thoroughly before they offer any life insurance policy.

How can you pay less for your insurance policy?

There are a few tips and ways you can make sure the insurance policy gets accepted at standard terms and rates:

  • Maintain your medical condition well through proper medication and exercise
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Avoid indulging in harmful habits like smoking, drinking or use of recreational drugs
  • Regularly check with your GP to make sure your medical condition is in check

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