Dangerous hobbies life insurance can provide you with the ultimate peace of mind and assurance that you are fully prepared for the risks involved. Many applications for dangerous hobbies life insurance are obtainable at normal insurance rates. Life insurance applications will need you to provide further details of your high-risk hobbies and if life insurance providers view the risks involved as excessive you may receive a premium increase on your dangerous hobbies life insurance.

What does Dangerous hobbies life insurance cost?

Before progressing your life insurance applications for your dangerous hobbies life insurance, insurance providers will need further details.

Some questions you may come across during your dangerous hobbies life insurance application are:

  • How much time do you spend on your dangerous hobby every year?
  • What type of dangerous activities do you take part in (e.g. rock climbing, scuba diving, hang gliding, extreme sports)?
  • Are you a member of any dangerous hobby organizations or clubs?
  • What type of apparatus do you use?

Your premiums for Dangerous hobbies Life insurance will also be based upon:

  • Sum assured
  • Term of cover
  • Type of policy (e.g. Family, Mortgage, Whole of Life etc.)

For most people, dangerous hobbies life insurance will be offered at standard rates. In case you regularly take part in very high-risk hobbies your dangerous hobbies life insurance cost can be increased to offset the risks involved. If the risks involved in your dangerous hobby require additional underwriting, life insurance providers may request a high-risk hobbies ‘exclusion’ is added to your policy. This ‘exclusion’ would prevent you from claiming death benefits for any accidents or conditions that are related to your dangerous hobby. This could make your dangerous hobbies life insurance impractical, so it is very important to check the wording of your policy closely before agreeing to any insurance cover with exclusion. 

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