Can you get life insurance when you have depression? The good news about applying for term life insurance is, you can qualify for coverage. Your cost now will depend on your history of handling the situation.


Underwriting for depression life insurance will depend on some key factors:

  • Your age at diagnosis
  • The most recent episode
  • Any instances of self-harm
  • Suicide attempts
  • Any form of medication and treatment or counseling you have gone through


Life insurance premiums for people who have been diagnosed with depression will not be rated if the situation is under good control.

  • Premiums will still be lower if the applicant has had a period without being hospitalized, treated, or tried to harm herself/himself.
  • If there have instances of self-harm, suicide attempts, or psychiatric treatment, premiums will be higher. In more severe cases, applications can be declined.

How to prepare yourself for your term life insurance application

Before deciding to buy coverage for your family, there is some measure you can take. This will improve your chances of getting approved once you send an application to an insurance provider of your choice. The following tips will put you in the best position to win:

  • Have your doctors’ details; have every detail of every doctor you have visited from the first day of your diagnosis. Keep the doctors’ phone number, name, addresses.
  • Make sure your doctors have all the medical records in place.
  • Be sure the cause of your illness is well documented.
  • Do not skip any recommended follow-up visits. Visit your doctors regularly.

What most insurance providers are looking for

Insurance companies want to see that people with depression history

  • Are on treatment or are already treated
  • Have completed regular follow up visits as per the doctors’ instructions
  • Have necessary lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, weight control, and no smoking

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