People with diabetes can still have a  peaceful mind with life insurance.

Can you get life insurance with diabetes?

Whether its Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes there are a lot of insurers who can help you find a perfect life insurance to suit your needs, but as is the case with most health complications chances are you will have to pay a little more than the rest of us for your insurance policy.

How expensive are the insurance covers?

It is believed that diabetes poses some health risks and an increased chance of insurance claim, however, the cost is not as high as you may imagine and largely depend on the specifications of your condition.

How does diabetes affect your life insurance?

There is a lot of additional health information that will be required before your insurers can avail life insurance policy for you. These will include:

  • The type of diabetes you suffer from which can either be type1 or type2.
  • The duration for which you have been a diabetic patient
  • The type of medication or control mechanism you practice
  • Your Hba1c test results (blood sugar levels)
  • Your lifestyle (if you smoke or indulge in excessive drinking or use of drugs)
  • Your present health condition (BMI value)

Your insurers will ask additional information about your health and may ask you to provide with the latest medical reports and also undergo a complete medical examination.

If you practice adverse health habits and have other additional complications you might have to pay a very high price for your insurance policy.

What can I do to make sure I get life insurance for cheap?

The best way to get an optimum life insurance deal, t is to maintain good health. Clients are encouraged to quit smoking, to avoid excessive drinking, to exercise regularly, and to maintain good blood glucose and blood pressure levels.

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