No one likes to think about it, and we hope it never happens, but there’s always a chance that you may be involved in a serious accident. It’s important to plan for what happens next, personal accident cover helps your partner or family with financial support.

Personal accident cover-brief

Accidents happen, but some can be more serious than others. Personal accidental cover offers financial help when you’re in need, from unexpected injuries to hospital stays.

Types of personal accident cover plan

Accidental death insurance: It pays a tax-free lump sum, if death is caused due to any unexpected accident that isn’t the symptom of any illness or injury. And the payment is in addition to any other policy. Also the premiums start from a very decent price i.e., £1.85 per month.

Accidental permanent injury insurance: This plan also pays a tax-free lump sum and covers a wide range of injuries (loss of limbs, loss of use of arms etc) as a result of unintentional accidents. You can also choose to include your partner in this cover as long as they’re 18-84years old and they live with you. The price of this cover depends on the level of cover you want and if you opt to insure your partner as well. Moreover, payment is in addition to any other personal policies you may have.

Hospital cash plan insurance: A stay in hospital following treatment which is medically necessary, you’ll simply receive a payment if you’re staying for a necessary treatment on a condition you didn’t know about 24 months before your plan started. This is for necessary treatment, and only for conditions you didn’t know about 24 months before you were insured.

Family personal accident plan: This plan covers your partner as well as children provided they meet the eligibility criteria and provides you with a wide range of cover (accidental death, permanent injuries etc). Premium for this plan depends on who’s covered and which level of cover you choose.

Please note: Unlike other life cover policy this plan does not require any medical check-up. Also This policy isn’t designed to cover any death or accidents caused due to self-inflicted injuries, illness or disease, use of drugs, alcohol, or any dangerous sports etc.

Personal accidental cover is a very smart way of protecting your family against any unexpected accidents or injuries but to keep away any glitch its is advised to read all the policy-related documents carefully.

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