Being a doctor, you are well aware of the fact that life is uncertain, and you may need to face adverse situations in the event of an accident, illness, or if the worse happens, but do you have the required protection in place for you and your loved ones in case your income stops or in an event of your death? If not, then you need to know about doctor life insurance.

Facts to know!

  • 1 million people find themselves unable to continue to work every year in the UK due to illness or injury,
  • Still, only 10% of people protect their income for this uncertainty.
  • Doctor life insurance can help in many ways including but not limited to mortgage repayment, childcare, dealing with educational expenses, and more.
  • Some life insurance providers approve specialist income protection for doctors by adding features that are beneficial for medical professionals including no HIV exclusions, NHS sick pay mirroring, and cover in case you want to opt for a sabbatical.

Why should you buy doctor life insurance

Though there are obvious reasons to buy life insurance, when it comes to a profession like doctors, it becomes more and more important to have some kind of protection in place. Doctors, especially surgeons, are more likely to get affected by infections as they need to work close to diseased persons.

You need to ensure that your family can meet the daily expenses, funeral expenses, mortgage loan, credit card payments, and others when you are not with them, life insurance can help in this regard.

Obtaining the right doctor life insurance

You need to consult a specialist life insurance provider who can understand your needs and provide you with a suitable life insurance cover.

For more details about life insurance for doctors, connect with our life insurance experts.

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