There is usually this misconception about doctors- how they do not necessarily require insurance coverage because they can use the expertise in their field to manage and control ailments which may attack them. I want to let you know that being a doctor never means that one is free from complications. Therefore, financial protection is a necessity regardless of who you are and what you do. From Legal and General, you will encounter a great team of specialists who will assist you to locate and land on the appropriate insurance policy which will act as coverage for yourself, family and loved ones.

How the case of coverage for doctors reviewed by the underwriter’s doctors? Stick to this article and find the procedures of the underwriting process


How the underwriters in the United Kingdom review one’s case is different from depending on which insurance company. In this case, some providers will be more comfortable to engage with while others complicate things even more. With Legal and General, your case gets handled with a lot of concern and understanding.

You will get asked about your role or responsibility as a doctor- information that’s useful in the overall determination of being categorized as a high or low-risk role.

These areas of concern for coverage with L&G include;

  • Your category as a doctor
  • Your qualifications
  • Do you perform surgeries?
  • Are you in contact with toxic chemicals?
  • Are you usually exposed to blood risks?
  • How often are you off work- basing that on months or years

In most scenarios, your occupation can be categorized as a low-risk role and therefore, it becomes simple to secure the Doctor’s Life Insurance to initiate coverage for yourself and loved ones at a standard price.

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