Will life insurance pay if you die of cancer?

With 1 in 3 people diagnosed annually, cancer is an ever-present disease that you should consider when picking your life insurance policy. Don’t stress, costs related to cancer are usually covered in most insurance plans.

Cancer is considered a “natural” cause of death and is covered under whole or life term insurance plans, so your family should be financially covered if you were to pass from cancer.

Important aspect insurers base your premiums and acceptance on is if you are a cancer survivor. It is possible to still be covered; the price of your bill will just rely on how long you have been in remission and your current health status.

Oftentimes, cancer survivors have their add-ons to ensure they are taken care of in the present and the future. Although these add-ons policies can increase your monthly premium, they make sure you will have the funds you would need in case of a medical emergency.

Are there any exceptions when cancer will not be covered in Insurance Policy?

The most efficient way to be sure you and your family are covered in case of your death, it is important to be completely transparent on your application. Questions about health habits and health history should be answered thoroughly and honestly.

For example, if you check that you are a non-smoker on your policy application but are then diagnosed with aggressive lung cancer, your insurance claim could be denied. This situation is also comparable with checking that your family has a clean bill of history and then being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Normally, the insurance policy would cover your claim, but if they find you have a direct relative that died from breast cancer you can expect your claim to be denied.


The best option is to get proper insurance while you are still young and healthy, so if you do get diagnosed with cancer in the future you can rest assured that you and your family are protected

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