When you apply for drug abuse life insurance, the insurer will ask you questions about your drug and alcohol use.

Indicating that you have abused drugs will be a black spot on your application as drugs have a detrimental effect on your body.

From the perspective of the insurer, this puts you at a higher risk for premature death compared to those who haven’t abused drugs. In the underwriting process, this will translate into a higher premium as you have to compensate for your higher level of risk.

However, it is still possible for you to find drug use life insurance at a reasonable premium under certain conditions. In no situation should you lie about your history with substance abuse, as this would lead to a straight denial.

Getting affordable life insurance

Many people in the UK who are suffering from drug addiction require rehabilitation, cognitive behavioural therapy and medication. This is usually the treatment plan that is followed.

Those who have undergone this treatment plan have the best chance at being approved for affordable life insurance. They may even be approved at the standard rates.

Moreover, the insurer would also expect you to apply for life insurance after a certain waiting period has passed. This is to ensure that you don’t relapse. Usually, a period of 2 years without any drug use should qualify you for life insurance.

Other factors relating to your general health will also be considered:

  • Lifestyle habits: Do you follow a healthy diet? Do you exercise regularly? Do you drink alcohol?

  • Other conditions: Are you suffering from any other health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes? If not, are you at a risk for any other health conditions based on certain indicators (such as blood glucose level, for example)?

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