Dystonia is a muscles disorder in which the patient’s muscle contracts uncontrollably which causes that particular body part to twist or rotate involuntarily which mostly results in incorrect posture or repetition of movements.

It is a very rare condition and is more likely to be seen in women than in men.

Dystonia affects a patient in stages and the symptoms are different for each stage. Some early symptoms of the condition include:

  • A cramped foot
  • Uncontrollable blinking of the eye
  • Involuntary pull in the neck
  • Difficulty in speech

Dystonia and Life Insurance

          It is sometimes possible that dystonia is the only medical problem you suffer from and even so your symptoms are mild, well-controlled and your treatments are going well in which case you should be able to get life insurance at close to standard rates. If your Dystonia has progressed and your condition is not well managed, that is when the problem arises and your premium rates might skyrocket, however maintaining a healthy lifestyle, quitting smoking, visiting your GP regularly you should be able to attain some favourable ground with your life insurance.

Life Insurance based on your needs

The suitability of life insurance depends mainly on your needs. Here are some of the possible options that are highlighted for you.

  • If you are looking for short term financial stability just in case something happens to you.

In this case, the most suitable life insurance for you would be a level term life insurance. This type of insurance is term-based and can be availed for a fixed or level payout in case you die.

  • If you have mortgages or significant personal loans

A decreasing term life, also known as a mortgage life insurance is particularly tailored to cover mortgages and personal debts in case of an untimely passing.

  • If you have dependents but no savings to support them

In case you have dependents and are the financial backbone of the family but you have no savings or any other financial net your family can fall back on in case anything happens to you, a whole-of-life policy is best-suited insurance for you. Whole-of-life insurance pays out irrespective of when you die and is not term based.

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