What is Dystonia?

Dystonia is a medical condition typically diagnosed as either cervical (attacking the neck) or as blepharospasm (attacking the eyelid). The cause of primary dystonia (hereditary/genetic) is believed to be connected to a problem within the basal ganglia causing interruptions to the messages sent by neurotransmitters controlling muscle movement. Secondary dystonia can be caused due to several conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. Some problems experienced by those who have dystonia include:

  • Jerky movements and laryngeal dystonia
  • Muscle spasms and contractions
  • Tremors and twisted posture
  • Writer’s cramp (musicians, golfers and typists cramp etc)

How does it impact life insurance?

Having known the fact that dystonia can cause serious discomfort, affecting your ability to do day to day tasks. When you apply for insurance, you will be asked certain questions about your dystonia and this includes:

  • When were you diagnosed?
  • Type of dystonia you have?
  • What are your symptoms?
  • Any medication/treatments undertaken? Any surgery undergone?
  • How does it impact your normal life?

Life Insurance for people with dystonia will need to be evaluated by the insurer on a case by case basis. Most insurers that you approach will request for a medical report from your general practitioner, but only with your permission. This is only to verify the type of dystonia that you have, the cure undertaken and how it affects your general health. Depending upon how severe your symptoms are of the dystonia, life insurance may be offered at standard terms or non-standard terms (higher premiums). It is also possible that if you are due surgery that your application could be postponed until your surgery is done. You may also find that if the dystonia impacts your capability to

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