Critical Illness insurance covers an applicant by paying them a significantly large amount of money if they develop any of the critical diseases as specified in your policy. Being diagnosed with a critical illness can cause anguish as you may need to pay for treatment out of pocket and in other cases, be forced to take a break from work.

This cover ensures that you are financially comfortable during such difficult times. More importantly, you can decide the amount and period you want the policy to run.


Experts advise Critical Illness insurance applicants to continuously stay up to date with information regarding their covers in case of better offers and upgrades. Generally, every insurer has its terms and offers of upgrading this cover, and as such, it is your responsibility to understand the insurance you purchased.

  • First, upgrading comes with better insurance benefits in terms of coverage, inclusion of diseases and surgery processes in the ‘critical illness’ category, discounts, among others.
  • Also, your health condition might have changed to indicate the possibility of developing a critical illness.
  • Upgrading your Critical Illness cover will make sure that you are protected should you become sick.
  • Finally, most insurers have an upgrading program that lets you customize your coverage to your budget and needs by selecting from a range of alternatives available.  

At an extra small cost, you can have all the options for critical illness cover at your disposal. 


After getting your critical insurance, your insurer will stay in touch to update you on the new benefits and offers coming up regarding your policy. Additionally, one might develop symptoms that indicate a critical illness. In both of these situations, upgrading your Critical Illness cover is the only choice, given the benefits and extra coverage it offers.

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