I am a sufferer of Epilepsy and fibrous dysplasia when to get insurance?

It is hard to tell the exact timing for getting insurance but if a person suffers following health changes in them then they are highly asked to get it as soon as possible.

  •  If a person feels sudden uncontainable jerking movements of arms and legs.
  • Unconsciousness after seizure stops.
  • Fear and anxiety.
  • Temporary confusions and high fever.

Benefits of getting coverage under Epilepsy and fibrous dysplasia

Now the health care sector has modernized a lot over the past few years. As a consequence of which it leads to the advancement of many new medical treatment facilities which results in a hole in your saving account.

Therefore it is highly advisable to get insurance coverage so that your insurance company can take care of your hospitalization bills and medical expense from your claimed money.

Insurance is something that can give you double enjoyment facility not only it will help you to get cashless treatment but also it will take care of your tax non-payable facility fewer than 80D of the income-tax act, 1961.

Will your policy bear your diagnosis and scanning expense?

Answer to this can be quiet mysterious, as all the insurance company doesn’t have the coverage against your pre-treatment expenses but some of them do cover it.

Your doctor may suggest you scan to know the condition of your tumour whether it is growing or not. As the scanning is done by magnetic fields and radio waves it requires a huge amount of money so if a person has insurance it will be helpful for them to bear the expenses.

Be honest with your every word

Keep in mind insurance is legal and you’re all the details and signature in it is everything. In simple words, it’s a declaration made by the company to protect you financially. Filling your application form honestly omitting lies will make your policy more valid.

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