Epilepsy explained

Epilepsy refers to a neurological condition which can be classified as either symptomatic, cryptogenic or idiopathic. It depends on the reason for its onset. Epileptic episodes impact the body’s usual functioning and occur when the electrical signals within the brain become disrupted, commonly resulting in seizures.

Requirements before policy

Most people suffering from epilepsy can get insurance, however, it depends on the types of seizures you have, the regularity of the symptoms and how well controlled your condition is.

An insurance company before accepting your policy application will want to know the following:

  • The type of epilepsy that you have — grand mal, petit mal or nocturnal epilepsy?
  • When did you last have a seizure?
  • What sort of medication you are on?
  • How often do you have seizures?
  • When were you diagnosed with epilepsy?

Which epileptic patients can get life cover

In most instances, a person suffering from grand mal epilepsy and petit mal epilepsy can secure life insurance.

Also, if the epilepsy is termed as with no loss of consciousness, it is possible to get a policy on standard terms. While it is possible to get life insurance on standard terms — which means at the same rate as with healthy people, even for epileptic patients, it will largely depend on your condition.

If you have less than 50 attacks in a year or have not had an attack in the last six months, then it is possible to get a life insurance policy on standard terms, but it will vary with the insurance company. If you have had one attack a month or lesser than that, then the premium increase could be nominal. However, if you have had more than 12 attacks in a year, then the premium amount paid could be higher. Also, if you lose consciousness while seizures, the premium charged to you will be higher given the severity of the condition.

Check with the insurer if the policy covers epilepsy

Whether your new policy will include future occurrence or diagnosis of epilepsy, will have to be checked with your insurance company before purchasing the policy.

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