Well, it is possible to get life insurance, even as an epileptic, however, your insurer will want to know a little more about how significant your daily life is, so be prepared to answer some additional medical questions. Before going forward with the topic we need to understand certain terms related to epilepsy; Grand Mal epilepsy is where one loses consciousness during a seizure; Petit Mal is a type of epilepsy where one doesn’t lose consciousness during a seizure.

What are the questions asked?

The questions that an insurer would ask you related to your epilepsy are:

·         When were you diagnosed with epilepsy?

·         What type of epilepsy? (Grand Mal or Petit Mal)

·         When did you experience your last seizure?

·         Are you on medication? If so, what and how often?

·         Have you ever suffered more than one seizure in a week?

·         Do you have any other health issues?

You need to be transparent while answering these questions as you may face difficulty during claims if something gets revealed later.

Impact of epilepsy on your life insurance premiums

Effectively, there are four possible results, when applying for life insurance with epilepsy

Policy is accepted at standard rates with no increased premium.

Policy is accepted with an increase in premium rates (remember, you don’t have to accept the increased premium; you are free to apply elsewhere if you have controlled epilepsy and haven’t experienced a seizure within the last 5 years)

Policy is postponed which means that the insurer is not prepared to offer cover presently but may consider an application after the deferment period has passed. You are still free to apply to other insurers.

Policy is declined meaning the company is not willing to offer you life insurance.

Can I apply for life insurance, if I have previously been declined for it?

Yes, as every insurance company has different eligibility criteria, so just because one company has denied cover doesn’t mean others will do the same.

Also, please note that you can also get critical illness cover if you have epilepsy but the terms and conditions will be a little strict and different as insurance companies will be keen to ask additional medical questions. Unlike life insurance, critical illness can have exclusions applied to the policy.

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