Epilepsy and Insurance

Epilepsy is seizures that could happen to a person of any age. The person feels fatigued or faints. There are muscle contractions or jerking movements of the arms and legs


The patients who have epilepsy are prescribed antiepileptic drugs AEDs to stop the seizure. If seizures do not stop, then surgery, vagus nerve stimulation is recommended.

Cost of Treatment

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder and treatment may put a significant burden on the household budget as it is a cost-intensive treatment.

Insurance Coverage

Today every person needs to have insurance coverage for all kinds of diseases. Nothing should be left for future decisions.

Epilepsy Life Insurance

When you be diagnosed with epilepsy, don’t be in stress as you know now what is the ailment and could go for treating yourself. There is time to take out an insurance policy towards your ailment.

Things to know to the insurance agent

  1. The kind of epilepsy you suffer from date of Diagnosis
  2. Frequency of epilepsy seizures
  3. Details of prescribed medication

What to Expect from Life Insurance Underwriting

Simple Seizures–Companies may provide standard rates to you if the last episode is within 2 years. If the last episode goes back from 2 years, the standard rates may not be available for insurance.

Complex Seizures–If the last seizure was in first-year- companies provide standard rates plus 100% markup. In the case of 2-5 years from the last seizure, companies provide 50% markup plus standard rates. In the case of more than 5 years, standard rates may be available.

Epilepsy Critical Illness Cover

If the history of the patient with Epilepsy shows stability in condition, then it becomes easy to get critical Illness cover at standard terms.

Epilepsy Travel Insurance

If you have a travel job, it is better to get travel insurance but always check with the different companies offers and always disclose about your epilepsy problem.

In the end

In case of absence seizures where there is frequency say more than 45 attacks per year then some companies offer you insurance at standard terms.In the case of tonic-clonic seizures, there may be an increase in premium rates which could result in high loading on your policy.

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