Why do you need a critical illness insurance policy?

  • Critical illness insurance provides you with additional coverage for medical emergencies like having a heart attack, cancer, stroke among others.
  • You need critical illness cover because these emergency illnesses always incur greater costs than the average medical costs.
  • This policy covers the overruns that ordinary traditional health insurance may fail to cover.
  • It may also be used to cover costs related to illnesses like transportation costs.
  • It is used to pay for expenses not paid by a traditional insurance policy
  • It pays for critical medical services that might be unavailable
  • It helps those in need to have a restful place to make use of the additional funds to have vacation holidays with their loved ones.
  • It pays for daily bills giving those with emergency illnesses to recover fully

What are the alternatives to critical illness cover

  • Disability insurance: When medical reasons are not in option, this policy provides income for your family. Financial protection for this policy is not limited to a narrow set of illnesses. This option is good for you if your income absence could bring financial struggles to your family.
  • Health savings account: Consumers contribute to a health saving account who have high deductible plans. When they are used for qualifies expenses customer gets tax benefits.
  • Separate savings account: separate savings account covers for non-medical costs if you have a heart attack or even cancer and as a result, is on leave from the job

Protecting your family against financial struggles when you can no longer provide for them should be given top consideration.

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