In the past few decades. the treatment of HIV has improved dramatically as people are getting more and more aware of the condition. This is the reason why many people with HIV can live life no less than a normal individual. Here, you will get the right details about HIV and life insurance.

Life insurance and HIV

Anyone who has been diagnosed with HIV can still buy life insurance. For people with HIV, life insurance is around since 2009. Just like other pre-existing medical conditions, people with HIV may not be eligible for some policies and at the same time, they may have to pay higher premiums due to the risk involved. But, there are some policies offered by insurers that cover preexisting medical conditions. but the insurance policy premiums and conditions may differ.

Research shows that more protection is required for people with HIV!

Research from NAT  (National AIDS Trust) reveals the fact that one in four people living with HIV (around 25%) have been refused a life insurance product or they have been asked for an unaffordable premium. There are some insurance types including income protection insurance and critical illness cover have not been available for people living with HIV.

Getting a financial product was nearly impossible for people with HIV from the 1980s up until the early 2000s including mortgages, life, and protection insurance products which also includes general motor insurance. 

As many products have been made available in the past few years, this is no longer the case, but barriers are still there.

Get details from experts

If you are living with HIV and want to know more about how life insurance works in this condition, feel free to contact our life insurance professionals.

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