The struggle is real for people with HIV

Victims of HIV proceed to face roadblocks in trying to access insurance policies from insurance firms in the United Kingdom regardless of the enhancements in cover availability. A research done by National AIDS Trust unearths some alarming figures showing that 25% of those living with this condition are denied financial benefits as well as being subjected to unaffordable premiums. Some well-known insurance policies, for instance, critical illness and income protection cover remain inaccessible to victims of HIV/AIDS.

Between the 1980s to 2000s, it became almost difficult for them to acquire multiple insurance products such as life and protection insurance policies, car insurance products as well as general insurance covers. Even though there have been improvements done over the years back, nothing has been implemented so far and therefore the struggle remains. Continue reading for more…

More Plights for HIV Victims Explained

Unaffordable premiums or complete exclusion from policy application subjected to HIV persons is questionable since it’s inappropriate and unnecessary. Insurers continue to treat our friends negatively and this has led to stigmatization, fear, and resistance whereby these awful experiences have made HIV persons lack the interest in financial product applications due to their health status.

The call to consideration

Many people with HIV can now enjoy a super healthy living and a life expectancy that’s normal just like anyone else who is fit. For us to eliminate discriminatory practices and enhance access to financial products by people with HIV, insurance companies, and HIV organizational bodies in the United Kingdom, we need to team up and work in oneness.

This will lead to effective communication of the available financial covers to people having HIV and will deal with the disconnect and the difficulties if the government and the FCA do unite and strategically work as a team to address the barriers.

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