Life insurance and extreme sports

People who take part in extreme sports are at a higher risk or getting injured or even death. But, it is a mere fact that life insurance and high risk are not a good match and hence, involvement in any kind of extreme sports will have an impact on your eligibility to get life insurance. If you are involved in challenging sports activities that represent a risk, getting life insurance can also be a challenge, know more here!

Can you get life insurance if you are involved in extreme sports?

Generally, it is possible to get life insurance cover, but not all insurers provide insurance in such cases. Moreover, life insurance companies may have their own set of rules and criteria to review applications for extreme sports life insurance. This means, as per the level of risk involved, extreme sports life insurance applications can be reviewed on case to case basis.

What factors will be considered when you apply for life insurance?

  • The type of extreme sports you are involved in
  • The level at which you compete
  • The risks involved
  • If you have any professional qualification or certificate to manage risks
  • The time you spend in those sports activities

All the above-mentioned points will be taken into account to decide the type of policy you can get, the cost of life insurance, and the premiums that you will need to pay every month. In general, when there is high risk involved in sports activities, the cost and premium for such life insurance will also be high.

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