Insurance companies take into consideration numerous factors when assessing how much you should pay for your life insurance premiums. Such factors include your age, any illnesses you’ve suffered, your smoker status or your weight and your family’s medical history. When it comes to your family’s medical history it all comes down to possibilities; if a close relative has had a serious medical condition, there’s the likelihood that you could suffer the same illness in the future. This is true and especially in terms of inherited conditions, like bowel or breast cancer.  

Family history of Breast Cancer and Life Insurance applications:

When applying for Life insurance with a family history of Breast Cancer there is a high possibility that your insurer would increase the standard premium as they might view you as an increased risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer later in the future. However, the fact that your family has a history of one or more of breast cancer doesn’t automatically mean your life insurance premiums will be affected. Underwriters will also take into account how many relatives* were affected, how close the relationship is, the age of the relative when diagnosed with the disease as well as your age and gender.

Although insurers are not allowed to ask for the reports of genetic tests if you volunteer the information to your insurers they can take them into account when assessing an application. In this case, your results clearly state that there was no evidence of mutation in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes; the policy can be offered to you at standard terms which means no loadings being applied to your policy. But in case you have an enhanced risk of contracting breast cancer in the future you might experience premium loadings or exclusions being applied to your policy terms.

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