Brits have got different occupations and are getting too busy that they forgot the most crucial thing- the exercise. Lack of personal drive for exercise is leading the majority towards developing problems such as the Fatty Liver Disease which calls for earlier protection from an insurance provider in the United Kingdom. Let’s assist by linking you with Legal and General from the UK and, thereafter, you can have guaranteed health as well as financial support.

Do you remember when you got diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease? What chronological steps are you applying to ensure a balanced lifestyle? These are some of the questions Legal and General underwriters prefer asking victims of FLD to help them discover the most suitable coverage.


Each case is different and, L&G insurance premiums and coverage depend on the severity of the condition.

  • You are categorised under standard health class rating if your fatty liver condition is mild and you are enjoying good health for the past few years.
  • L&G will offer you insurance coverage with a base premium if your condition is genetic or was contracted due to hepatitis A but has been in control.
  • You will be categorised for mild substandard rating if you have contracted fatty liver due to hepatitis B, C or some other reason.
  • You will get the most expensive premium if categorised under severe substandard rating. It happens when your case of liver disease is severe.

The set premiums or contributions for Fatty Liver Disease coverage can be surrendered monthly or yearly and, you’ve got the power to opt for guaranteed contributions or reviewable ones. Upon opting for guaranteed yearly or monthly contributions, the cover contributions remain constant unless you take steps to change some parts of your cover as per the policy segment “Changing your Policy”

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