Fibromyalgia is a medical condition that affects the muscles and causes them to become tender while also causing widespread pain. The condition is accompanied by tiredness and mood swings.

It is also known as fibrositis and is a chronic condition. The condition cannot be cured but treatments help ease the pain and manage the symptoms better.

Life insurance for fibromyalgia patients

Life insurance for patients of fibromyalgia is available through most life insurers. The terms of the insurance policy, however, will depend on a lot of factors related to your condition, as well as general factors like your age, medical history, family medical history etc.

The insurance underwriter will ask for the specifics regarding your diagnosis, this allows them to understand how long you have been dealing with the condition and your familiarity with the condition. The underwriter will also want to know the severity of the condition and the symptoms. If the condition is severe, the insurers may avail life insurance but at non-standard rates of premium. This means that you will be paying a slightly higher price than what others would pay for the same policy.

The amount of percentage loading applied to your insurance policy will vary, e.g. if your condition is mild then you might be availed life insurance at standard rates of premium, if your condition is moderately severe it may be availed with minimal percentage loading and in cases where the condition and symptoms are very severe, you may be charged almost double for the insurance policy.

In rare cases when the client is severely ailed with the condition and/or has additional medical conditions, the insurance application can be declined.

How should you proceed?

To completely understand how your particular case of fibromyalgia would affect your application is it best that you consult an insurance agent and figure out how things could work out for you.

While consulting with the personnel it is advised that you keep the following information handy:

  • The details of your diagnosis
  • List and details of any pre-existing medical conditions you might have
  • The type of insurance product you are looking to purchase
  • The term (number of years) you want to avail the insurance policy for

Other than the above-mentioned factors the other required details are:

  • Your age
  • Your BMI
  • Your lifestyle.

We would recommend you to talk to one of our advisers for life insurance quotes.
Any quote that your adviser provides you with will take into account your circumstances, your medical history, as well as your budget!
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