A funeral service is an integral part of one’s afterlife. It symbolizes the beginning of a world without them. Apart from a final opportunity to bid farewell, a funeral service provides a sense of comfort to the family of the deceased and helps celebrate a life well-lived. It helps accept their loss while being surrounded by others who are grieving the same loss which creates a mutual support system. A funeral service provides an opportunity for collective grieving. While actively offering hope and courage to the loved ones, funerals these days are a very expensive affair.

Data shows that the average cost of a funeral in the UK is £4,271. Depending on the type of service the average cost of direct cremation is calculated to be close to £1,712, cremation costs are averaged at £3,986 and burial can cost a whooping £5,000.

In a time when even death is expensive, it is always a cut above to draw a plan to cover your last expenses. A final expense life insurance is tailored exactly for this need and covers everything from your funeral costs, cremation expenses, and also final medical costs.

Before bidding adieu to the world, human beings have responsibilities to abide by. Apart from taking care of the cost of living of the beneficiaries, you must also take care of the funeral costs. The funeral cost in the UK includes burial/cremation fee, cost of the celebrant and even the fee of the funeral director. Considering there are many costs involved for a funeral, you must plan it ahead of time so that there is less burden on your family.

The question is – What is the average funeral cost in the UK? Is it possible to cut the costs of the funeral?

How Much Does A Funeral Cost In UK?

Knowing the average figures can help you plan your funeral. Who says you cannot plan it ahead of time? There are funeral insurance and funeral plans that can help in covering the costs.

The over 50s insurance plan covers the funeral cost as well. This is a big relief for families who have the responsibility of performing the final rites. Coming back to the main question – What does a funeral cost in the UK? An average cost for funerals in the UK is the following:

  • Cremation – £3,946 approximately
  • Burial – £4,893 approximately

The figures can be different and it all depends on the area and funeral director you choose. It all boils down to how fancy the funeral is. Some people would opt for an exquisite coffin and a good-looking horse to carry the body.

How To Cut Down The Funeral Costs?

Planning your funeral ahead of time could help you save the costs. Insurance companies have funeral plans wherein the person can pay for all the costs ahead of time. Apart from funeral plans, you can opt for whole life insurance. The lump-sum money that the beneficiaries get will help them to cover the costs of your funeral.

You could also leave enough money for your loved ones to take off the burden of funeral costs. To cut the costs, you can opt for direct cremation. It only costs £1,195.

Words from the Wise

Having a fancy funeral is a personal choice. In case you do not want your family members to worry about the costs, invest in a life insurance policy or invest in a funeral plan.

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