Gastric bypass surgery is a medical surgery conducted to divide the stomach into two pouches, namely the smaller upper pouch and the larger lower pouch also known as the remnant pouch. Then the smaller intestine is rearranged in a fashion to be connected to both.

Gastric Bypass and Life Insurance

Getting a gastric bypass surgery is not an easy decision and requires a lot of strong will to get through the surgery and the recovery while adapting to the change in lifestyle.

Despite this, the life insurance companies are there to fully support you and help you plan on a safe financial future.

Before the insurance company can decide on how to help you with the insurance there are a few other details the life insurance providers will need to know:

  • The insurance providers will need to know your current weight.
  • If you are currently waiting to undergo a gastric bypass surgery
  • If you have already undergone gastric bypass surgery to help you with weight loss.
  • If you have fully recovered from gastric bypass surgery and currently have no complications of any sort.

A detailed life insurance application will have to be provided by anyone who has had surgery in the last 5 years. If you have had your surgery anytime before the last 5 years then the surgery might not even be required to be mentioned in your application.

The terms and conditions of your insurance will depend on the time that has passed since your weight loss surgery, your current weight and your pre-surgery weight.

If your current BMI is well within the healthy range you may even be able to get insurance under standard terms and conditions.

If your surgery was done in the last few years, then you may be provided insurance but at non-standard terms and conditions. Similar case arises if you continue to have a high BMI post-surgery, the application can also be denied sometimes.

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