Gastric Bypass is usually done as a secondary treatment to some major problems such as obesity, as in this surgery, a portion of the stomach is removed. According to the policy, when a person applies for the insurance, he/she has to disclose his/her surgery which has taken place in the last 5 years in his/her application.

Insurance company Concern regarding surgerys

As this is major surgery, there are many concerns such as complications during or after surgery, weight maintenance after surgery, or any other permanent or temporary issues regarding this surgery. All these will be held accountable while applying for life insurance. Insurance companies may also be asking for the following information.

  • What was your age at the time of surgery?
  • What was your weight at the time of surgery?
  • Any complications during or after surgery?
  • Did you reduce the desired amount of weight?

All this information will help the insurance company in determining the cost of your premium.

Life insurance with Gastric Bypass

If the surgery doesn’t show any sort of or minor complications, then the premium cost will be at the standard rate. But if surgery has some major complications, then the premium cost will be at a higher rate. This will be again worth it as life insurance will help your family after your demise.

The need for a Gastric Bypass income protection

Someone who has recently had a Gastric Bypass surgery, income protection can be availed if there is a need for one. This is to ensure that in case they have had some time off from work. The success of losing the excess weight after the surgery highly depends on major lifestyle and dietary changes which could use a financial boost. This cover could be denied if there have been recent medical issues since the surgery, so again maintaining a good weight comes in handy.

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