There is a specific set of generalized questions that the insurer will surely ask you whenever you go to apply for life insurance. These questions will mostly be based on your health and habits, sometimes focus on your lifestyle too. Given below are five questions that they are sure to ask you:

  1. Are you a smoker or a non-smoker?

      Smoking mostly affects the premium cost that you have to pay. If you are classified as a smoker even if you’ve had one puff in twelve months or vaped or had any prior tobacco use and you will be charged more for your insurance premiums. Therefore, to decrease the insurance premium’s cost, make sure not to have any prior tobacco use before applying for your life insurance policy.

  • Did you or are you using drugs?

The use of drugs, too, will negatively affect your premiums by increasing their cost when you purchase your life insurance. The insurance companies do not increase or decrease the premiums based on their personal and political opinions, but this is done to ensure that you are paid accordingly based on the future illness you may suffer from due to drug abuse.

  • What is your weight and height?

Companies only want to know your height and weight to decide whether you’ll live a healthy lifespan and, again, determine the premium cost.

  • Do you participate in dangerous activities or have hazardous habits?

An ‘exemption’ clause is added to your policy if you’re found engaging in dangerous activities or hobbies out of your interest and willingness. Other than that, it does not affect the premium to a large extent.

  • Do you have a previous medical history?

       The insurers only want to know your previous medical history to provide you with all the right benefits. Telling the truth about your past medical history may have a positive out on your insurance policy.

Before you apply for your insurance policy, make sure to sit down and discuss with your insurer about all the aspects of your habits, health, and past medical history. This will help the insurer get you the right quote unbiased.

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