It is a common condition that affects women during their pregnancy and causes their blood sugar level to be very high.

Gestational diabetes can be of two types or classes, namely class A1 and A2.

Class A1 diabetes can be managed by the patient through diet and exercise however insulin and other prescribed medication have to be consumed for the treatment of A2 diabetes.  

Gestational diabetes mostly goes away on its own after the birth of your child though it can affect your baby’s health and increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in your life. There are certain measures you can take to ensure that you and your baby remain healthy.

Gestational Diabetes and Life Insurance

The life insurance applications for gestational diabetes are termed and quoted on an individual basis since the insurers understand that the symptoms and severity can vary from patient to patient and the condition is likely to go away after pregnancy.

To ensure that they know what they are getting themselves into they will, however, conduct some underwriting very specific to your medical condition and pregnancy.

They will ask for details like your pre-pregnancy weight and current weight, family medical history (specific to diabetes), any medication that you are currently taking or if you had any complications or conditions with your current and recent pregnancies.

Depending on the information you provide and your recent HBA1c reports, the insurers may offer you life insurance or advise you to wait until your pregnancy is over.

In the event you decide to wait until the end on your pregnancy, the insurance application will become far simpler to arrange and your application will be approved under standard terms and conditions.

If in case your gestational diabetes does not go away, you will be approved for life insurance similar to any other individual with type 2 diabetes.


It is possible to get life insurance under standard terms and conditions if your gestational diabetes symptoms are mild. In case your symptoms are severe and the insurer only agrees to insure you at a higher rate of premium, we advise you to wait until your pregnancy is over.

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