Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes hyperthyroidism or hyperactive thyroid. The disorder mainly affects the butterfly-shaped gland or the thyroid which is in the throat.

The thyroid of a patient affected with Graves’ disease overproduces hormones and the condition affects women more than men and particularly those belonging to the 40+ age group.

Graves’ Disease and Life Insurance

Life insurance can be made available under standard terms and conditions if the Graves’ Disease is well controlled and the symptoms are mild and you have not required any surgery recently.

In most cases the insurance underwriter will ask for medical reports from your GP, however, they cannot do this without getting your consent first.

The medical report is utilised to confirm your diagnosis, the medication you are currently taking and the methods you use to manage your medical condition and your current medical state.

In cases where your condition is on the moderate or severe side, you may be offered life insurance but at a non-standard rate of premium. This situation is more likely to occur if your medical condition is interfering with your day-to-day activity and your ability to work efficiently.

Few factors will affect the cost of your life insurance and the underwriter will ask the following questions to process your application smoothly:

  • When and how were you diagnosed with Grave’s Disease?
  • The details of the symptoms you experienced
  • The medications you take to control your medical condition
  • If you have needed surgery
  • If you can work or more precisely if your Grave’s Disease interferes with your day to day activities.

Other factors that affect your cost of insurance are:

  • The coverage amount of life insurance
  • The term of the insurance policy
  • The type of insurance policy

It is advised that you read all related documents carefully and thoroughly.

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