What is guaranteed life insurance?

It is a life insurance policy that enables you to increase your payout later in life. This policy is available to any UK resident of 30 to 80years in age. It offers you a guaranteed benefit to help bare your funeral expenses and other outstanding bills.

When can you increase your payout?

You can only increase your payout at certain specified times, which can differ based on the insurer you choose.

Each insurer provides a list of life events when you can increase your payout, such as:

  • Job change, getting a promotion or retiring
  • Getting married or divorced
  • Childbirth
  • Moving home
  • Receiving a cash or inheritance

Remember- increasing your payout means increasing your premiums.

What policies, does this come with?

Depending on the insurance provider, you could add guaranteed insurance to the following types of life insurance:

Level term policy: In this, you can choose a set payout benefit and set a level premium for a specific period.

Decreasing term policy: Within this policy, you can choose a payout that decreases each month with a decrease in your loan or mortgage repayment, until the end of the fixed term. The main concern of this policy is being able to cover the rising cost of a funeral, and not leaving their loved ones with any debts after their death. 

Whole life insurance: You are allowed to choose set payout, no matter when you die, with no fixed term.

One of the main benefits of this policy is that there’s no medical involved in securing guaranteed life insurance. Besides, this policy also offers you cover for accidental benefit, since this can come as a greater financial shock to your loved ones. 

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