What is guaranteed life insurance?

Life insurance policies are designed as per the specific needs of people, guaranteed life insurance is designed for people who are aging above 50. This type of policy doesn’t need any kind of medical tests to be done. Just like a normal life insurance policy, the beneficiary gets a lump sum amount, and the insurer won’t ask for any kind of medical tests to get you guaranteed life insurance and decide how much it is going to cost you.

Who can benefit from this insurance?

This type of life insurance is very beneficial for those who have faced rejection of life insurance applications in the past. Guaranteed life insurance doesn’t have strict rules or guidelines, but yes, there are some specific age limits to get this insurance which can vary between 70, 75, 80, or even 100.

Some key benefits of guaranteed life insurance

  • Your dependents get guaranteed payout in an event of your death.
  • In some policies, the policyholder needs to pay a decided amount whereas, in other policies, the amount can increase as you age.
  • The insurance company doesn’t take long to provide the cover, it is offered immediately.

How can you find the right policy?

Well, age is one of the most important factors any life insurance company takes into account while approving your policy. The reason being, you are more likely to have health conditions when you age. This is where getting in touch with life insurance professionals can save you precious time and money.

In most cases the cover is guaranteed, but some policies only pay the premiums you paid if you die within 12 months of buying the policy. 

To know more about guaranteed life insurance, feel free to connect with our team of life insurance professionals.

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