HbA1C is the measurement of the glucose attached to blood hemoglobin. These readings of HbA1C are essential for measuring the severity of diabetes. High HBA1C means your blood sugar is high. This means that you have more diabetic problems, such as severe difficulties in your eyes and legs. This can create issues when you are applying for life insurance. This is a real health concern that life insurance companies usually take into consideration while reviewing applications.

Readings of HbA1C

  • In the United Kingdom, the reading of HbA1c is 41 mmol/L, which is 5.9% or less is considered normal reading.
  • Whereas anything between 42 to 47 mmol/L is considered prediabetic readings which are approximately 6.0 % to 6.4 %.
  • The range of HbA1C which indicates diabetes is 48 mmol/L or greater, approximately 6.5% or higher.

When you know your range of HbA1c, you should focus on maintaining a healthier life and keep it low, because you will not be able to get insurance with a higher reading of HbA1c. Always try to maintain a lower reading, hence there will be no problem in getting life insurance.

Life Insurance with HbA1c

Life insurance is essential as this helps in securing the future of your loved ones and family. It also provides a mental satisfaction that after your demise, your family wouldn’t have to face financial crises. Yet it is important to note that a healthier person can get life insurance at a standard rate. A person with slightly higher readings of HbA1c can get life insurance by paying some extra bucks, meaning at a higher rate of premium. If your HbA1c readings are higher, then maybe the insurance company will not provide you with any type of life insurance, as you will be considered as a high-risk client. It is suggested to keep a check and balance on your HbA1c readings, and if you show improvement over time, then you may be able to secure life insurance.

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