I’m over 70 – can I get life insurance cover?

As the normal UK future keeps on rising, extra security for individuals in their 70s is getting progressively well known. I’m over 70 – would I be able to get moderate life coverage? Truly, making sure about sensible cover for those matured 70 is as yet conceivable and has numerous strategy choices. That relies totally […]

Guaranteed acceptance over 50’s plans

What is Vitality over 50’s arrangement? It’s a type of protection that lets you leave an ensured fixed single amount to your family when you’re not around. To apply, you simply should be matured 50 to 80 and a UK inhabitant. Your month to month premium won’t increment, and there’s no compelling reason to consider […]

Age-Based Policy vs Level Based Policy

THE INTRODUCTION In truth, every person has got different situations that call for a different type of policy to quench the need.  It has been our work to link you up with the best insurance companies in the United Kingdom for the best policies for your family and loved ones. Age-based and level based policies […]

Guaranteed acceptance over 50’s plans

Overview An over 50s plan is an insurance plan that is specially designed for individuals who are over the age of fifty and could otherwise not qualify or would be charged heavily for a term life insurance or a whole-of-life insurance policy. The prerequisites for this type of insurance policy is very minimal and they […]

Guaranteed acceptance over 50’s plans

Facts about over 50s life insurance Guaranteed acceptance over 50’s plans allows you to leave a guaranteed fixed lump sum to your near and dear ones in an event of your death. To apply for this plan and reap its benefits, your age needs to be between 50 to 80 and a UK resident. Your […]

Can Dividends be taken into account for Income Replacement cover?

How do life insurance companies view protecting dividends? In general, it completely depends on your life insurance provider and it is fine if you want to insure dividends on a long-term income protection plan. Life insurance providers understand that dividend income has a great deal of the proportion of earnings for the directors of the […]

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