Insurance companies are in constant money-making competition, the more insurance policies they avail, the higher their profit, so why do they decline life insurance policies?

The most common reason for a declined life insurance application is severe medical conditions and related complications.  Most insurance companies are willing to offer insurance to anyone who has mild or moderate forms of medical illnesses, however, if the underwriter deems that the risks involved in providing you with life insurance are high for the insurance application your application will be declined.

So what should you do in case of a declined insurance application?

The immediate thing to do in case of a declined critical illness insurance application would be to discuss the reasons for the decline of the insurance application with the insurance provider.  This allows you to understand the shortcomings in your insurance application and allows you to make the necessary rectifications.

A declined life insurance application is no reason to panic since all insurance providers have different underwriting policies.

Your critical illness insurance application is declined by most insurance providers.

If your insurance application is declined by most standard insurance providers, there is an alternative.

A multi protect policy can help you cover your financial needs in case of a medical emergency.

The Multi protect policy is specially designed to cover individuals from medical expenses he/she will have to bear in the event of them being hospitalised due to injury. However, this policy will also provide financial aid in case of hospitalisation from illnesses after the initial 12 months of the policy is complete.

The policy also allows you to make claims for pre-existing medical conditions you might have.

The policy can pay up to £250 for every 24 hours you spent admitted to a medical facility; however, you can only claim the money for a maximum of 90 days for one particular medical condition.

The applicant also has the option to choose from different levels of cover and will have to pay according to the financial cover he/she wants to be able to claim for every 24 hours he/she spends at the hospital.

A multi protect policy is a good alternative for any individual who is unable to purchase critical illness cover due to medical conditions.

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