I suffer from Multiple Heart Conditions. Can I get a life insurance policy?

  • For people who have Multiple Heart Conditions like Atrial Fibrillation, Angina, blocked artery, Hypertension or even history of heart attack can avail a life insurance policy depending on the severity of his current health condition.
  • If the applicant is leading a normal controlled life and following instructions of his physician, taking medication, consultation and doing regular check-up getting a life insurance policy is highly plausible.
  • The loading is required in case of an applicant with multiple heart complications varies drastically depending on medical history and current health condition. Having a pacemaker or a history of a heart attack may increase the premiums significantly.
  • During application, a medical history report and other relevant documents need to be submitted.

What will it cost if I decide to take out a life insurance policy?

It is customary on the part of Insurance companies to ask the applicant to submit all relevant documents to assess the severity of the applicant’s health condition and provide him with the best solution available.

While applying, you need to answer the following questions regarding your medical history, so that they can offer the best terms.

  • What is your age?
  • How you are suffering from Heart complications?
  • Do you feel frequent ischemic pain?
  • Is there any medication going on?
  • What are the exiting medical conditions?
  • Do you have diabetes or renal or lung diseases also?
  • Have you suffered any heart attack?
  • Have you ever been admitted for any of your heart-related problems?
  • What’s is your cholesterol level?
  • What is your BMI?
  • Do you smoke or consume alcohol?
  • How frequently do you measure your heart rate, ECG etc.?

What are the factors that affect my premiums?

The premiums of any standard life insurance policy typically depend on the following variables:

  • The term you wish to be covered for
  • The sum you wish to receive as coverage
  • The type of policy you wish to take out

How much amount do I need as a cover?

The life insurance policy especially for a person who has multiple heart disorders is subjected to an increased premium during the underwriting phase. It all depends on the risk, duration since the treatment, past and current physical condition and factors many more. Often applicants need to pay some extra premium over normal charges in these situations.

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