Hepatitis B is a common but serious liver infection that is caused by the hepatitis B virus. The condition is commonly spread through the exposure of a healthy patient to infected body fluids or the condition can also be transferred from a mother to her child before birth.

The condition is easily preventable through a vaccine and mild forms of the condition can also be cured with the help of proper treatment and medication.

Insurance policies are usually available to individuals whose medical condition is well under control and he/she has not sustained any liver damage due to the condition.

Hepatitis B and Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance as the name suggests is an insurance policy that pays out replacements to your monthly income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

Income protection insurance is widely available to hepatitis B patients who have fully recovered from the condition. It is even possible for these patients to purchase insurance at standard terms and premium rates.

The key factor that the insurance providers will want to look at before providing you with insurance is whether you have taken significant time off work in the last few years or not due to your illnesses.

Individuals who have not fully recovered from hepatitis are also eligible for insurance; however, the applicant mustn’t have long term liver damage. 

Arranging life insurance for individuals who have hepatitis B since birth, is relatively easier as compared to arranging insurance for individuals who have contracted the virus due to drug use.


Purchasing income protection insurance for individuals who have had Hepatitis B should not be difficult. If you are still recovering from the condition then insurance can be available but through thorough underwriting and most likely at a higher rate of premium.

In case your condition is severe and you have been declined income protection insurance before, it is highly advised that you apply for insurance through an insurance expert.

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