Guide to Income Protection Insurance with Hepatitis B

If you are the only source of income and the breadwinner of your family, you’ll require income protection against hepatitis B. It is not that easy to arrange Income protection on your own. You might experience problems in arranging income protection on his own.

Hepatitis B is an infection of the liver, an illness without a cure. Income protection provides support to your loved ones or family or beneficiary after your demise. Let’s see how income protection helps you out when you have hepatitis B from birth.

Let’s take a case:

Mr. A, a 45 years old Professor, has been infected with Hepatitis B since birth and has lived with it all his life. He wants to arrange income protection for his family in case the worst were to happen as he is the only breadwinner of his family. He requires a monthly benefit of £2000 with a 1 year deferred period until the age of 60.

Having the medical reports of the client, the insurance agent can find companies who would offer cover, subject to further GP reports.

Once the GP report is underwritten. One can achieve a minimum of a 25% increase in his income protection premium.

Mr. A now has an income protection policy with a monthly sum assured of £2000 until the age of 65 for a monthly premium of £144.46.

Income Protection and Premium Rates For Hepatitis B

If you have had Hepatitis B before, You can avail of Income Protection Insurance at standard rates. If you do not have any time off work lately because of hepatitis or other related conditions, you will not be subjected to any increased premiums. Insurance companies do not require you to be fully recovered from Hepatitis B but there should not be any permanent damage to your liver. There may be increased premiums for your Life Insurance policy depending on the severity of your condition

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