An infection of the liver is not only lethal for your physical health. Hepatitis B carriers are suffering from mental trauma as they are constantly worrying about the future. Since we talked about the future, buying an insurance policy is the overriding thought in everyone’s mind.

The question is – Can a Hepatitis B carrier buy life insurance? Hepatitis B carrier life insurance is possible, but there are certain conditions to abide by. Hepatitis B spreads through bodily fluids and blood.

Please note that in the United Kingdom, hepatitis B is not as common as Hepatitis A. Now, let’s take a look at how you can get a life insurance with this disease.

How To Get Hepatitis B Life Insurance?

Considering Hepatitis B is a serious medical condition, the insurance companies will be hesitant to approve the insurance application. However, they will assess the medical condition and risk before giving you an approval.

In some cases, it is a short-term condition and there are very few people who have a long-term condition. Chronic Hepatitis B Life insurance is possible, but the insurance company would want to witness your progress. You may have to bring changes in your lifestyle. This includes not having alcohol and not indulging in multiple-partner sexual intercourse.

In case you were admitted to the hospital due to Hepatitis B, the premiums will be higher.

Premiums of life insurance for Hepatitis B carrier tends to be higher. But, if the medical condition is well under control, the insurance agents will be able to quote you a better price.

Concluding Thoughts

Insurance agents may ask you for your latest medical reports. By keeping the symptoms under control and leading a healthy lifestyle, you will get approval from the insurance company.

Since it is an uncommon medical condition, one should take extra care of their health.

Don’t let the fear of getting rejected stop you from going to an insurance agent. Speak to the agent, tell them about your medical condition, and let them take the necessary steps.

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