Hepatitis C is an infection of the liver that is caused by a virus. The virus can lead to the inflammation of the organ and spreads easily if you come in contact with blood from a positive patient. The symptoms of an infection include nausea, fatigue, yellowing of eyes and skin and loss of appetite.

          In most cases, people with hepatitis C make a complete recovery and do not have any complications or affect the liver.

Hepatitis C and Life Insurance

Hepatitis C is a curable condition and a patient is declared free of hepatitis if his or her blood culture has no traces of the virus after three months of completion of the treatment.

In such a case the insurance company will be willing to offer you life insurance at standard rates (provided he or she did not contract it from recreational drug use).

However, there are other factors that the rate of your insurance is going to depend on like your age, your lifestyle if you have other medical conditions etc.

Details the insurance company will ask for

The insurers can ask for very case-specific details about your medical condition. These include:

  • If you have fully recovered from Hepatitis C?

The insurance company will ask about the current state of your hepatitis C infection. If you have fully recovered or are still undergoing treatment.

  • If you were diagnosed with Hepatitis in the UK?

The place of your diagnosis can have a significant influence on your life insurance, the insurance agent will ask you if you were diagnosed in the UK or not.

  • If you know the date of your HCV infection?

The insurance company will ask you for the date of your HCV infection, in case you do not remember the exact date they will ask you to provide with a tentative date.

  • The value of your current viral load?

You will be asked for the results of your most recent blood tests. The blood tests should reflect the current virus amount you have in your blood.

  • In case you are still recovering, they will ask you the current state of your infection.

If you have not fully recovered from the condition the insurance company will want sufficient proof that your infection is well under control. And any details of medication or ongoing treatment you are undergoing.

Read all policy-related documents carefully.

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