The normal blood pressure value of a human is quoted between 90/60 and 120/80 for a typical adult.

Any value of blood pressure above 142/88 is classified as hypertension or high blood pressure and this increases your risk of heart attack, heart conditions and stroke etc.

High Blood Pressure and Life Insurance

High blood pressure conditions vary on its severity and causes and can influence your life insurance in different ways; this, however, does not mean that you cannot get life insurance.

The rate of premiums available for you will depend on many questions and how you answer them.

The type of questions will include the following topics:

  • The date of diagnosis of your high blood pressure condition.
  • Your most recent blood pressure readings with the date (they prefer tests that have been taken within the last 3 months)
  • The type medication (if any) you take to control your condition and how the duration you have been taking them for
  • If you have any additional health complications related to your high blood pressure condition.

Different type of hypertension

There are different types of high blood pressure conditions and your insurance rate will depend on the type of hypertension condition you have.

  1. Well Controlled or Mild hypertension

If you have well-controlled blood pressure condition and you take your medication religiously and practice good control measures, chances are you will be availed life insurance at standard rates.

However, you must remember that the rate depends on other factors too, like your lifestyle, BMI, etc.

  • Moderately Controlled hypertension

If you have moderately controlled hypertension, you will likely have to pay a slightly higher rate of the monthly premium.

Again it is important to remember that other contributing factors will be taken into equal consideration


  • Poorly controlled or Severe hypertension

If you have a very severe hypertension condition then you might have to pay a monthly premium which is almost 75% higher than the standard rate of premium.

Read all policy-related documents carefully.

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