High blood pressure and life insurance

Like with all pre-existing diseases, high blood pressure will also raise a red flag for the insurance company. However, it is not to say that the insurer will not provide you cover. However, it will ask for a detailed disclosure of your condition to determine whether a cover can be provided to you, and if at all then at what cost or premium.

Disclosures a must

Since high blood pressure is a common ailment in the UK’s adult population, chances that you already suffer from the condition while applying for the life insurance policy are high. As the condition is so common, the insurance companies have a detailed questionnaire of high blood pressure to understand your condition better. You must make proper and accurate disclosures while applying for life insurance. Lack of disclosure at the time of the application could result in the refusal of a claim made by the beneficiaries later on. This could be a major disappointment to your family.

Risk weightage higher

While high blood pressure is not a ‘NO GO’ zone for insurance companies, associated risk weightage for people suffering from the condition becomes high. Such individuals are treated as ones with elevated risk because high blood pressure has the potential to cause heart attack, kidney failure or blindness.

Premiums depend on a specific condition

However, whether you will pay a high premium or not, or whether you will be given policy or not will all depend on your specific condition and level of ailment. High blood pressure for life insurance will be treated as readings consistently above 140/90mmHg. 

Disclosure of recent blood pressure readings

Before you apply for life insurance you must disclose your most recent readings. Sometimes, the insurance company will ask the reading to be performed by a medical professional and should be as recent as 6-12 months. Others may just accept the most recent readings.

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