High blood pressure impact

High blood pressure gets alarm bells ticking for the insurance company. While you may still find life insurance cover, but the insurance company will ask for a detailed disclosure about the condition to determine how much of a risk you could be, which will then decide the cost of cover or insurance premium.

Disclosures a must

Given that high blood pressure is commonly found among adults, there is a higher chance that you already suffer from the condition while applying for a life insurance policy. This is the reason that insurance companies are already prepared that the prospective insured person may have a high blood pressure problem. It is for this reason that all insurance companies have a ready questionnaire of high blood pressure. Proper and accurate disclosures is a must while applying for life insurance, to avoid refusal of claims later.

Higher risk weightage

While insurers are maybe willing to provide you with life cover, the associated risk weightage for people suffering from high blood pressure is considered high. High blood pressure has the potential to cause heart attack, kidney failure or blindness, which is why it is considered a risky proposition to insure a person suffering from the condition.

Does high blood pressure impact premiums?

Yes, high blood pressure has the potential to impact your premiums. However, the severity of your condition will determine if your premiums will be higher or whether you will get a policy in the first place. High blood pressure for life insurance will be treated as readings consistently above 140/90mmHg. 

Blood pressure readings a must

Most insurance companies demand that you disclose your most recent blood pressure readings. The readings should be as recent as 6-12 months, and some ask they be performed by a medical practitioner.

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