Life insurance and a history of alcohol dependency

When you apply for life insurance and have a history of alcohol dependency, the insurer will need you to provide your medical record to establish a clear picture of your current health. Insurers provide someone who is a recovering alcoholic with an alcoholism life insurance policy on standard terms when a significant time has passed since alcohol dependency.

For those who have developed secondary health problems because of the history of alcohol abuse, they can be offered life insurance on non-standard terms, and in severe cases, life insurance application can be declined.

How much does life insurance cost if you have a history of alcohol dependency.

When you apply for alcoholism life insurance, the insurer will ask for access to your medical records. Some details that insurer may need include:

  • When were you diagnosed with alcoholism?
  • What were the reasons behind your alcohol intake?
  • What was the amount that you used to take?
  • Do you have any mental health issues?
  • Do you have any secondary health conditions related to your excessive alcohol consumption?
  • What medicines or treatment did you take?

A report from your GP can be required!

To get started, most life insurance providers will be looking for a clear picture of your current situation and they will be interested to know about the wider impact that your alcohol consumption has made on your overall health. Life insurance providers can speak with your GP to understand the overall effect on your health.

An important thing!

One important thing that you need to keep in mind is that not all life insurance providers will agree to provide you with life insurance if you have a history of alcohol abuse. You may need to consult an experienced life insurance provider to understand your needs and find a suitable policy for you.

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