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Life Insurance

Life Insurance provide financial support to your loved ones after you’re gone. Whether term or whole life, level or decreasing, having one is important.

Income Protection

Do you get regular sick pay or have savings to support you at the time of unexpected out of work? If not, you should have Income Protection in place to protect you from out of work situation.

Family Protection

Life is so unpredictable; we never know what’s coming next. One should take enough cover for family protection for unpredictable circumstances. Protect your family’s prosperity in a time of crisis.

Over 50s

No Medical questions asked when it comes to over 50 plans. You are guaranteed to be admitted to the policy. There are no term limits.

Critical Illness

A Critical Illness plan will pay for medical expenses arising out of a critical illness that keeps a person away from active work life due to the sudden critical illness that may not necessarily result in death.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage life insurance cover helps your family by paying off remaining of your mortgage debt if you die before the mortgage ends.

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