Home Insurance explained

Home insurance is the kind of insurance that is designed to protect your property and your possessions or contents that belong to you. Like life insurance protects you against uncertainties like sudden death, home insurance is to protect you against any financial setback that may occur should something happen to your property or belongings.

Kinds of Home Insurance

This insurance is of three kinds — building insurance, content insurance and a combination of both building and content insurance.

Building Insurance

This insurance covers your property against structural damages to it. It could be to the walls, roof, windows, permanent fixtures, as well as to fittings such as in bath, toilet or kitchen. In a nutshell, building insurance covers the entire re-building cost, if your property is razed to the ground and needs to be built again.

Contents Insurance

This insurance protects your belongings, or things that you own and those which would move with you if you were to shift houses. Contents insurance protects your belongings against damage, destruction or theft.

Building and Contents Insurance

This is a combination of both insurances. As the name suggests this type of insurance will protect your property as well as the belongings in it.

However, following certain rules could make the process of taking Home Insurance a little simple.

Rules to buy Home Insurance

Firstly, as with all insurance products, it is always better to compare quotes from different insurers so that you can arrive at the best price for your requirement.

Secondly, when taking insurance for contents, it is important to value them accurately. Undervaluation or overvaluation of contents could make the claims process a hassle.

Finally, like with all insurance products read the terms and conditions of the policy closely to avoid any disappointments at the time of claims.

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