For more than 17 decades Canada Life has been a trusted insurance provider for its customers, they’re focused on improving the financial, physical and mental well-being of all its customers. That commitment is built on the diligence, skill and energy of their employees and financial security advisors and their dedication towards customers and communities. They have been committed by putting the customer first – whether handling policy claims, growing and protecting clients’ retirement and investment savings, providing workplace mental health support for employers or helping build strong communities by investing in community projects. Across the regions where it operates, Canada Life has been positioning its business for the growth and value creation of the future, while navigating the challenges introduced by low-interest rates, technological disturbance and rapidly changing consumer preferences. Below mentioned is the paid out claims report of Canada life for the year 2019.

In 2019, Canada Life:

  • Helped families cope with loss, by paying out more than $2.5 billion in life insurance benefits.
  • Provided income benefit for over 79,500 people who became disabled and could not work.
  • Made over $909 million of annuity payments, helping their customers fund their retirement with a secure income stream.
  • Helped 30,000 employers provide benefits plans and 9,000 employers offer retirement savings plans for their employees.
  • Contributed $12.8 million to Canadian communities.

The dedication and expertise of employees and distribution partners around the world is the key to their ongoing success. However, all their employees and advisors should be appreciated for the hard work and dedication they put into meeting all their customers’ needs.

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