Do you want to know how many claims did Legal and General payout in 2019?

  • Legal & General (L&G) paid out a total of £731m worth of claims in 2019. Claims paid across life, critical illness, terminal illness, and income protection policies.
  • It has benefitted more than 15,000 UK customers and their families from individual cover as the insurer paid out the equivalent of just over £2m per day.
  • The figures raise the total amount the insurance company has paid in individual protection claims over the last five years to nearly £3 billion.

Life claims

  • L&G paid 97% of life insurance claims in 2019 – a total of around £392.4m across 10,721 pay-outs.

The average payout was £36,608 and the three main conditions that resulted in the claim were for:

  • Cancer (37%)
  • Heart-related diseases (18%)
  • Respiratory illnesses (5%)

The insurer paid out £111.8m across 1,066 terminal illness claims in 2019 (95%).

Main conditions for the claim included

  • Cancer diagnosis (94%)
  • The average customer pay-out was £104,911.

Critical illness claims

  • For critical illness (CI), it paid 92% of claims and a total of £224m across 3,351 policies.
  • The average pay-out was £66,857.

The most common conditions were:

  • Cancer (66%)
  • Heart attacks (21%)
  • Stroke (6%)

For children’s Critical illness cover,  the insurer paid out more than £2.1m to 140 customers, representing 96%.

  • The average pay-out was £15,182.
  • Cancer was the cause behind the highest proportion (63%) of claims
  • It was followed by child funeral benefit (14%), blindness (2%) and strokes (2%).

Income protection claims

  • For income protection, L&G paid 93% of claims to 483 people.

The three key reasons for claims were:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders (33%)
  • Cancer (17%)
  • Mental health (12%)

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