Do you want to know how many claims did Zurich payout in 2019?

Claims paid by Zurich amounted to more than £287.6m in 2019. Where only 3% of claims were declined.

Life claims

  • For life claims, 99% were paid, amounting to over £203.3m, including one child bereavement claim.
  • Some claims were denied as the policyholders didn’t share information about high alcohol consumption or a history of smoking or they had undergone treatment or investigations for a health problem.

Critical illness claims

  • 90% of critical illness (CI) claims were paid by Zurich last year. Worth more than £76.4m. This included eight claims for children amounting to £189,000. Moreover,
  • 21 partial claims worth £422,000 were paid where customers were diagnosed with less severe illness as compared to the conditions covered by the policies.
  • 350 people received payments of £1.22m for fracture cover.
  • The average age of critical illness claimants was 50 in 2019.

The most common reasons for claims were:

  • Breast cancer (18%)
  • Heart attack (12%)
  • Prostate cancer (6%)
  • Stroke (6%)
  • A benign brain tumour was the most common cause of children’s (21%) and partial claims (14%).

Why were CI claims declined?

10% of critical illness claims were declined, two-thirds were because the condition customers tried to claim for conditions that were not covered by their policy. One claim was declined where a medical consultant confirmed the condition was benign and hence did not meet the policy definition.

Of the 10 declined, over a third of CI claims were declined because of misrepresentation on application forms.

Income protection (IP) claims

  • For IP, 98% of claims were paid which totalled £7.2m.
  • The average monthly sum paid was £1,534 with around 395 claims in payment per month.
  • 2% of claims were declined because of non-disclosure of medical details.

The main conditions for income protection claim include:

  • Cancer (18%)
  • Neurological disorders (18%)
  • Musculoskeletal disorders (16%)
  • Mental illness including anxiety, stress, and depression (13%)

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