The simple fact of the matter – sadly – is that we are all going to wind up dead. And a key part of this altogether depressing endgame, we will need burying. Not just that, but first being prepared for our final journey and ensuring that the send-off is both worthy and fitting of how we spent our living years.

The average cost of funerals:

The only thing is funerals don’t come cheap these days. On the contrary, they’re getting increasingly more expensive. To give you a brief idea of what costs how much in terms of the basics of a traditional funeral, then it typically tallies up as follows. If you choose to venture down the above mentioned – and admittedly, ‘no frills’ ‘direct cremation’ route of burial – which includes the collection of the deceased, a simple coffin and the ashes returned – you’re talking £1,600.

For £3,200 you’ll receive additional ‘care’ of the deceased, the use of a hearse and the most straightforward of services, packaged as ‘cremation using a funeral director’.

Put together up to £4,100 plus, and ‘burial using a funeral director’ territory gives you all of the above, plus the burial. But, this does not comprise an overly elaborate ceremony, we hasten to add.

So that’s the broader picture explained, but what about the smaller details. The other all-important factors which influence funeral costs, and the options available to those footing the bill at the end of the day. While some aren’t negotiable – in terms of the recently deceased last wishes and /or those of the family AND from a financial perspective – other elements of funerals can be.

Chapel of Rest, Embalmment Administration Coffin, Hearse & Funeral Cars, Employees, Death Certificate, Cremation or Burial Minister 

NOTE: It is common practice for funeral directors to organise a package deal which comprises all the compulsory elements, including the disbursement fees mentioned earlier. This costs in the region of £1,900 and can subsequently be tailored to individual wishes.

Other costs which are completely optional from the outset of funeral arranging also include the following; 

  • Funeral flowers – £140
  • Announcing a death in the newspaper – £55
  • Obituary in a newspaper – £55 ., etc,

As with anything in life, prices can easily vary when it comes to planning for a funeral, so it’s well worth doing your research first and requesting a few quotes before making your mind up.

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